Milaura Spelman and the Spelman Reading & Language Center provides intensive and comprehensive therapy to address weaknesses in reading, spelling, and language skills.  We also provide speech and language therapy.   Individual 1:1 sessions are provided for each student, based on their individual needs.  Comprehensive evaluations are offered in the areas of reading, spelling, writing and speech and language skills.  We provide therapy for students with dyslexia, learning disabilities, auditory processing deficits, and language expression deficits.

Milaura Spelman is a speech/language pathologist and a reading specialist, with both national ASHA certification and Florida licensure (License # SA6021).   Ms. Spelman is a former board member of  the International Dyslexia Association- Florida Branch, and has been an instructor in the Early Childhood Education program and the Communication Disorders program at the University of Central Florida for many years.  With over 20 years of experience as a speech/language pathologist, Ms. Spelman provides experienced and effective remediation. 

Ms. Spelman is a certified WILSON Reading instructor.  The WILSON program is a systematic and explicit method of reading instruction using multi-sensory strategies, and is based on the principals of Orton-Gillingham Instruction, used for children with dyslexia and reading/spelling difficulties. 

​Ms. Spelman also provides seminars, workshops and continuing education to public and private schools, community groups and parent organizations. Topics include dyslexia and reading/spelling disability, dyslexia and dysgraphia simulation activities, reading and spelling strategies for educators, language processing and auditory processing disorders, speech and language development, and more.  Please contact Ms. Spelman directly if you are interested in scheduling a continuing education opportunity.   

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