Thank you!  For all that you have done for him, I would recommend you to anyone I know in need of your services.  Thanks to you my son made a huge improvement in reading and spelling skills.

My son made such great improvement in reading! You truly made him progress in his speed and fluency, as well as his comprehension skills. He gained so much confidence when he reads a book by himself and does well on his AR test. He enjoyed working with you very much!

When I brought my 8 year old daughter to Milaura, we were confused and stressed out about 3rd grade and FCAT.  We had been through many evaluations and we still couldn't understand how to help her.  After just two sessions, Milaura understood her weaknesses and implemented a remediation plan for her.  Session after session, my daughter not only enjoyed her time with Milaura, but she also learned valuable strategies that she could apply in all academic areas.  Her language skills improved so much and her self confidence bloomed because she was able to understand her peers and make herself understood.  She became more social and participated more in class and in groups.  Her grades improved and she passed the FCAT with shining scores.  I know there is no one in town better than Milaura!

Our son, who is 11 years old and is diagnosed with dyslexia, has spent the past year working with Milaura.  During this period of time his reading abilities have significantly improved.  We are extremely happy with the progress he has made over this past year.  Milaura has been wonderful in her approach and flexibility.  She is always encouraging and moving him forward at a pace that fits the subject matter.  I recommend her highly to families that have children who are struggling with reading.  She has been truly wonderful!
G. & D. 

I highly recommend Mrs. Spelman for your struggling student. She is very knowledgeable in her subject matter and utilizes all sources available to work effectively with her students.  Her nurturing personality and positive attitude creates an environment for her students to feel comfortable and confident that they can attain their goals.  Mrs. Spelman involves her student's parents as a learning partner by providing progress updates, recommendations, and she welcomes parent comments as well.  Mrs. Spelman was and will continue to be a valuable resource for our family.
J. F.

Mrs. Spelman has been the answer to our prayers.  I am an ESE teacher and I have an 8 year old daughter who is dyslexic.  My daughter had reading difficulties that I had never seen in my 28 years of teaching.  Nothing was making sense to me.  Using the Wilson Reading Program has made a huge difference in my daughter's reading abilities and confidence.  Mrs. Spelman is the catalyst that is bringing this all together.  She is always upbeat and genuinely interested in my daughter's success.  Like most parents, I was willing to look high and low until I found the solution that felt right to me.  The search is over.  We have found our solution.


Milaura is the captain of our son's reading team!  She has devised and implemented strategies to make him the reading student that we always hoped he would be.  Her continued input and consultative advice has been invaluable to our son's success.  We would gladly recommend Milaura to any parent whose child is struggling with reading.  Thank you Milaura for all that you have done!

I am very satisfied with Mrs. Spelman's reading and writing therapy for our daughter.  Our daughter has improved her reading and writing skills significantly.  She suffered from a traumatic brain injury in 2001.  Mrs. Spelman was instrumental in helping my daughter improve her skills.  I would recommend Mrs. Spelman to anyone who has a child struggling with their reading and writing skills.

Our son was diagnosed with PDD/NOS at the age of four.  Although we knew it would be difficult for him to learn academic material, we also knew he could learn given the right environment and professionals to assist him.  After determining that he needed additional assistance with reading over and above his small school setting, Mrs. Spelman was recommended to us.  Milaura is patient, has creative ways of teaching reading concepts, and understands our son's disability.  Our son had been taught to memorize words in school, but had no comprehension of what he read.  Mrs. Spelman had to start his reading therapy at a very basic level.  She taught him how to sound out words by tapping them out.  As he has become more fluent, he is comprehending what he reads and loves it!  He is now eight, and has been working with Milaura for about 1 1/2 years.  Each reading session helps him continue to improve his reading skills.  Mrs. Spelman has opened doors for our son's future.
B. & J. 

I am grateful to Mrs. Spelman for helping my son.  I always felt there was something impeding my son’s ability to read.  It was frustrating to see him struggle with his reading and writing skills.  I tried a national learning center for years, private home tutoring, and nothing seemed to work.  He was always reading below grade level.  I searched for information on dyslexia and had him evaluated by a dyslexia specialist.  My son was diagnosed with moderate-severe dyslexia and moderate dysgraphia.  The specialist recommended an Orton-Gillingham based program.  I was lucky that I found Mrs. Spelman. My son started to see her twice a week.  He made progress and became a more confident reader and writer by using the strategies that Mrs. Spelman taught him.  We worked with Mrs. Spelman for 18 months, and never once did he complain about attending his sessions.  My son is now in eighth grade and is reading at grade level.  He feels so good about himself because he finally passed the FCAT.  I'm thankful to Mrs. Spelman for giving him the tools that he needed to become the stronger and more confident reader that he is today.

My son had fallen woefully behind in reading due to a convergence insufficiency problem complicated by ADD.  Not only was his reading poor but his spelling suffered significantly as well.  After only two months of working with Mrs. Spelman we have seen a significant improvement in both spelling and reading.  Our son adores his reading coach and it is easy to see why.  She makes learning spelling and reading easy and she makes him feel like he can do anything as she celebrates every accomplishment, big or small.  I am thrilled that we found her!

Our third grade daughter is both gifted and dyslexic.  We were looking for a program that included a rigorous, explicit method to teach decoding and encoding strategies that would not bore her or condescend to her.  The Wilson reading remediation was a great fit.  It made sense to her.  And more importantly, Mrs. Spelman's patient and fun attitude helped our daughter to focus and learn even after a long school day.  She made tremendous strides this year.  Our daughter initially faced standardized tests with dread, but she is now able to take those with newfound confidence and composure knowing that she has learned strategies to help overcome her reading difficulties.  I'm grateful to Mrs. Spelman for being an integral part of our daughter's support network.

For any parent with a child who is struggling in school, I would highly recommend Mrs. Spelman for testing.  Her report and diagnosis of my daughter was very comprehensive and was well received by my daughter's public school psychologist.  In addition, my daughter actually enjoyed the evaluation sessions she had with Mrs. Spelman.  Since my daughter was found to be dyslexic I have done a lot of research about the best way to help these kids and I am a firm believer in using an Orton Gillingham based tutoring program such as the Wilson program used by Mrs. Spelman.  All reading remediation is not the same and I would not invest my money or my child's time in anything other than an Orton Gillingham based program.

I was referred to Milaura Spelman by a friend who was very pleased with her work.  She greatly helped her daughter and my friend could not say enough wonderful things about her.  I soon found for myself that Mrs. Spelman's approach and techniques truly work.  Mrs. Spelman very accurately diagnosed my son's reading issues and quickly started giving him the tools he needed to become a stronger reader.  She has a wonderful way with children and she encouraged and inspired my son to want to be a better reader.  Thank you for all of your help.

My husband and I were at our wits end trying to figure out how to handle our son's learning needs with dyslexia. We couldn't seem to get any firm information from the school system on which way to turn. The school had him in their reading programs and we were reinforcing at home but none of it seemed to make a difference. We visited our pediatrician to get direction, and he gave us Mrs. Spelman's number. We can't believe the difference; he is starting to read everything now. He looks forward to going and really enjoys his time with Ms. Spelman. We would recommend her to anyone who has a child that hasn't been able to reach their potential in a traditional school setting.

Our son was stubborn and very reluctant to seek assistance.  After a few visits, Milaura won him over and he now participates wholeheartedly.  We have seen noticeable improvement in his comprehension and assignments that involve written responses.  Milaura is prepared, professional, and always cheerful.  We recommend Mrs. Spelman as a therapist and social guide.
D. & J.  

Mrs. Spelman has made a tremendous difference.  The noticeable improvement in our child's reading comprehension and analytical abilities cannot be overstated.  She is professional and personally committed to our child's success.  Her kindness, patience, perseverance, and optimism are evident at all times.  Mrs. Spelman is a blessing.
(mother of a 5th grade student)
Our daughter loves language therapy.  She feels so comfortable with Mrs. Spelman and already in six months is showing remarkable improvement.  Mrs. Spelman provides tools for parents to work with their child at home and is always available whenever we need her.  We couldn't be happier!

Our son has struggled below grade level since kindergarten.  We searched and searched for what might be the problem.  He was finally diagnosed this year with dyslexia.  We worked with private tutors, tutoring centers, and he repeated Kindergarten.  Our son attended summer school, reading camps, and after school tutoring.  Nothing seemed to help us break through to get him at grade level.  After the diagnosis, it became clear to us that he needed a specialized therapist to teach him the way that HE learned best.  Milaura has been that for us!  We have seen tremendous differences as well as his teachers at school.  Our son has become more confident using the strategies that Milaura teaches him.  He is now in 2nd grade and moving into 3rd grade next year.  We cannot be happier that Milaura is in our lives!

Mrs. Spelman has been a fabulous addition to our therapy team!  My son is on the Austistic Spectrum and is making excellent progress.  Milaura has given him the specialized, one on one attention he needs to facilitate his beginning reading skills.  Milaura's relationship with my son has helped him build his confidence in a fun, non-threatening environment.  Not once has he been too overwhelmed, and now he is excited about learning.  In addition, he has been thrilled to discover his hard work is paying off by spotting his reading words in both books and in the world around him.  I highly recommend Mrs. Spelman, she is a terrific resource!

My son has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD.  Although he is very bright, he struggles a great deal in school.  Mrs. Spelman's credentials as a speech/language pathologist, a reading specialist and her caring nature have made her a good fit for my son.  Over the past year, Mrs. Spelman has been working with my son on his writing.  When they first started, he struggled to get his thoughts on paper and he could barely write a sensible paragraph.  Now I find him writing for FUN!  In fact, on his last progress report, his teacher listed his writing as one of his strengths.  Not only has Mrs. Spelman helped my son, but she has also helped me.  Her expertise has been an asset in helping me pinpoint my son's strengths and weaknesses and helping me navigate through the school system.  I often think of her as my "educational psychologist".  Mrs. Spelman is a caring professional who has made a difference in my son's success.

Mrs. Spelman has been a true blessing in our life.  I had been searching for a while for a program that would help my son with his dyslexia.  Our paths crossed and we began work with the Wilson Language program.  He is now approaching 5th grade and this program is really showing its true effectiveness.  With much persistence we have stuck with it and my son has shown better self-esteem and progress in school.  Not only were we fortunate to find the program, but also to have Mrs. Spelman as our teacher.  She has a wonderful way with our son, not only in teaching the program but making him feel good about what he is doing.  We are so happy to have an amazing, caring and wonderful person working with our son.  

There are not enough words to express how happy we are that Milaura Spelman is in our lives.  Before finding Milaura we were lost in finding help for our son, who was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder and speech difficulties.  Milaura took the time we needed to explain our many questions and concerns.  Now, 6 months later, our son has the knowledge, confidence and tools needed to succeed in school.  We can’t thank Milaura enough for all her hard work and dedication. She is our shining star! 

My 10-year-old son loves knowing how things work.  He can retain information from the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and the Science Channel.  When it comes to reading, he struggles with souding out words and fluency.  He becomes frustrated and usually ends the reading session in tears.  After Mrs. Spelman evaluated him, she was clearly able to tell us what areas of reading he needed to work on.  After 11 sessions, Mrs. Spelman has improved my son's confidence.  She has shown him that she understands his problems and that she can help him.  We still have a long road ahead of us, but my son's reading has improved.  Most of all, a reading session has not ended in tears for some time now.

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